FAQ:What is a BBW,SSBBW,BBW Dating

faq 300x156 - FAQ:What is a BBW,SSBBW,BBW Dating1, What’s a BBW/SSBBW?

To explain the definition of BBW/SSBBW, it is suggested to keep in mind that it is a term in specific niche dating communities.

In the dating or adult industry, BBW is the abbreviation of Big Beautiful Woman. Although some folks also consider BBW as Big Black Woman, the first definition is apparently the most commonly known. Meanwhile, SSBBW is the abbreviation Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman.

Literally meaning, BBW / SSBBW means women who are big in size or overweight but still considered as beautiful because both they and their admirers realize that physics do not justify the beauty of a woman. They have broken through the common society “standard” about the concept of beauty. The term has been often used in online dating, e.g.: men looking for bbw, or bbw looking for prince charming.

In many BBW dating sites, “BBW” and “SSBBW” are often used to refer to big beautiful women by the communities. It is important to differentiate this from sexual interest. Rather than fetish, it is about sexual preference.

2, What’s a BHM/SSBHM?

BHM or SSBHM is the abbreviation often used in niche dating site. BHM is the abbreviation of Big Handsome Man. meanwhile, SSBHM is the abbreviation of Super Sized Big Handsome Man.

As mentioned above, BHM is the term used to call a man who is overweight, but definitely handsome. Handsomeness is in the eye of beholder. So this proverbs is not only appointed to women but also men. Literally, BHM is big handsome man in the eyes of their fans. Folks who have considered this term true consider that being fat or overweight does not mean to judge the handsomeness of a guy.  In many plus sized dating site, this word has been often used by girls who are looking for big fat handsome man. Now the different between BHM and SSBHM can be relative based on people’s assessment. Sometimes, over 250 pounds weighed guy is considered as SSBHM, but some still consider him as BHM.

3, What’s a bbw dating?

BBW Dating is just like any other dating activities, only this involve big beautiful woman in it. It is about mingling in the right place and the right woman. This dating is where the overweight women can be comfortable in having a relationship with the guy they love. Other party can be BHM, SSBHM, or average guy with average weight. Since the term “bbw dating” is taken from bbw and dating, it focuses on bbw as the star. Here the bbw dating can be started by both parties, but should be included bbw as the doer. If there is no bbw in this type of dating, then folks can’t call that as bbw dating.

4, What’s a plus size dating?

Plus size dating is often confused with BBw dating, while it is actually different from it. BBW – big beautiful woman dating involves big beautiful woman and other party, regardless their status of appearance, it can be bbw, bhm, or normal weighted people.

While in plus size dating, both parties are overweight or obese. However, there is no hard or absolute rule as to where the moments of being a plus size dating begins. Many people overlook this term because they think it is not important to label a relationship with such status. However, this term is often used in online dating activities.

Rather than referring to the doers’ interests,  plus size dating refers to the activities involving 2 or more plus size people. The modern plus size dating involves big men and big women. Some of the most activities are also acceptable in public eye, considering that it is not a taboo thing anymore.

Many people are considered as fat, but attractive. For most folks who are interested in dating, meeting attractive singles can be a daunting task to do, regardless of the size. The emerging of dating services for those who are plus sized is the proof that plus size dating activity become more prevalent in today’s society. These sites are purposely made for those looking for BBW or BHM.

Women with curves are often considered amongst the most wanted by men. Meanwhile, women consider men with big belly or love handles are attractive. These are only few reasons why people are interested in plus size dating. All in all, plus size dating sites are the best place for them to meet, such a comfort zone.

5,What’s a feeder?

Feeder literally means a person or thing that supplies food or feeds something or someone. But when it comes to BBW or plus size dating, feeder means folks who love to feed BHM and BBW. Although it sounds like a connotation for many people, it depends on how people perceive the definition. It is a sexual orientation.

Feeder can be regular guy or woman who feeds the other one to attain various weight goals. In most cases, feeder expects overweight results to other parties since they are fat admirer or bbw fans.

6 What’s a fat admirer?

Fat admirer can be described as a person who prefers overweight or obese partners. It is not limited to the sexual type as the doers. Whoever considers fat people or being fat as attractive, they are fat admirer.

Fat admirer, from the subject point of view, can be 2 meanings. The first meaning is that he or she is regular person or overweight person who prefers overweight man or woman. The second meaning is that a person who accepts the fact of being fat or interests of fat. It can be said that he or she is fond of being fat, or accept their condition as overweight people or their interests in being overweight or overweight people.

Fat Admirer is also called as “FA”. But when folks talk about FA, that could also means Fat Activism or Fat Acceptance. Different people have different opinions on what exactly a Fat admirer. The definition that we offers above, is the closest that we could get.

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