How to Treat Big Girls Well

Many people assume that beautiful standards are slim. that is a false assumption. Beautiful is relative and cannot be based only on body size. Every man has different criteria regarding the type of their ideal woman. There are groups of men who actually prefer women with large bodies. They feel a large body is more attractive than a thin and slim body. But the view from the community seems to influence the relationship between men and big women. Large women feel inferior about their body size. They feel outcast and strange, even hard to believe in men. Here are some tips if you wanna doing big girl dating.

Big girl dating
Big girl dating

1.Don’t talk about size and weight.

This is the main rule and SUPER is important, and usually, many guys fail in this first step. There are some big women who are accustomed to and don’t mind the topic of weight but remember it’s just a few, most are not that positive. Even though they realize that some people are attracted to their big bodies, but it would be better if the boys don’t have to discuss it to avoid an awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere. When you explore dating sites, you will find many men who also like a big girl. These men often leave comments like “I’m a Chubby Chaser.”, “I’m interested in a bigger girl.”, “Big girl is the best.” Don’t ever imitate that! This is the source of the problem. You don’t need to say that because you will only make her feel that you are aiming for their body and not a serious relationship. You also do not need to write on your profile about how you like fat girls or how you define yourself as a big body lover. You are more likely to have a relationship with a fat girl or you will be contacted by them, but in fact, a fat woman who reads most feels uncomfortable and even avoids you. It makes you sound like the most important part of you is their body. so bad, so during the first meeting, you don’t need to state that you are interested in a bigger body. You just need to be normal and be yourself. talk about fun things and avoid discussing something related to their body size.

2.Girls are girls, regardless of their size.

This may seem trivial to mention, but actually, it is important. Fat girls are not creatures from other planets. You don’t need a special way to talk to them. You do not need to apply different procedures in this case. So, how do you approach a fat girl? Of course, it’s like other girls. Big girls are ordinary people with the same personality and feelings as other humans. If you want to talk, then do it immediately. They will appreciate that. Many obese girls, who get different treatment and that is usually not in a pleasant way. Big girls don’t expect more special treatment from men, they only expect the same treatment. Always remember to treat them just like that because something excessive is sometimes not a good thing.

3.Be sincere and be yourself

Many big girls experience bad experiences when they come to dating. Many men speak very well with them but don’t want to be seen with them in public. The other is a group of men who will have sex with them, then make fun of fat girls when they gather with their friends. That can kill self-esteem and make big girls very embarrassed. This is what tends to expose big girls to suspicion when a man expresses his interest in them.


Maybe you don’t know that many people expect some kind of reward because they are attracted to fat girls. Many of them don’t want to admit it and don’t tell anyone. But believe me, if you don’t think there are guys out there who like fat girls sincerely, you are so wrong. Establishing relationships with big girls can be difficult. You are afraid your friends or family will make fun of you because of your physical lover. But if you think that it is bad, then be positive and live confidently. Every time you think that this condition is difficult for you, remember that this condition is more difficult for your big partner.

5.Go public.

Often men hide their big lovers, so many big girls who have bad experiences date secretly and are not free. Many times when a fat girl comes out with a man in public, people assume that they are ‘just friends. Many views out there stating that fat girls never get girlfriends. Stop these things and be open to your relationship. Dating a fat girl is not a shame and sin! Bring your big girlfriend to go out to dinner, watch a movie, or just walk around the city. Hold his hand, wrap your arms around him. Don’t make your girlfriend hurt in unnecessary confidentiality. If you are afraid of what people think means you have no right to like big girls.

6.Appreciate them.

There are many people out there who hate fat girls. Many of them said spicy words just because their bodies were fat and full. It is really very evil. Every time women are reminded that they live in a culture where every magazine, every ad, every commercial tells them that their body is wrong. They don’t get attention from people and the entertainment world except for advertisements related to diet drugs or something ridiculous about a large body. Different fat girls have different experiences, but they all experience a lifetime of discrimination. One word and the result will be felt for life. If you are dating a fat girl, always respect them and treat them well. Protect them from people who attack them because they are obsessed with body size.

All girls are created equal by God, whether fat or thin. They are both human beings who must be valued and loved. You don’t need to be ashamed of your girl’s body size. Just love them according to your heart’s desires and don’t mind the negative views of people. The most important thing in a relationship is love and trust, not waist circumference or dress size