I’m A Big Big Guy And I’m Darn Proud To Be One!

Titled the way that it is, you probably thought this week was going to be all about my successes on a BBW dating site, didn’t you? Well, you would only be half right, then! You see, today we’re going to be talking about what it’s like to be really tall. As in, literally a giant. You see, while I may no longer be obese, I’m still a big big guy in just about every other sense. As this is a PG-rated site, I’ll focus on my vertical measurements instead of how I measure below the belt.BIG GUY



There are lots of women who want to meet a guy who is at least six feet tall. I met that criterion a good eight inches ago. Couple that with my weight issues of the past and this means I was truly a big big guy, not too long ago. However, about two years ago, I made the decision to start eating healthier and to also go for walks. I was tired of being the shy large man who made women laugh but never got to have any meaningful relationships himself.

These small changes led to a domino effect of other healthier lifestyle changes over time, and the result is that I now weigh 222lbs (to officially be considered overweight, someone my size needs to weigh 230lbs). The thing is, though, I suddenly started getting less dates unless it was through a dating site. All of a sudden, women either wanted me just for the big big in my pants or not at all. I was too fit and tall to be a “real man,” as some put it, but not fat enough to be considered someone who could provide a shoulder to lean on anymore.

Ironically, despite hating being set up on dates with BBWs (what, does everyone think we should be lumped together, or something?), it was a big babe that I met online who helped me break this weird mold I had gotten myself into. She told me to totally own the fact that I am a big big guy both in regards to height and to what I was packing down South.

I’m still too shy to try the latter, but I’ve been calling women on the bizarre tallness stereotype they’ve been subjecting me to. The results are mixed, with some immediately feeling my defensiveness is proof that I’m some kind of womanizing jock. However, other women apologize and let themselves get to know me better, so it’s not all that bad. I guess there’s always more to being a big big man than I’ll ever get used to, but as long as I meet women who treat me right, it’ll be fun figuring things out!