10 Reasons Why Men Crave For Curvy Women

Why do men prefer curvy women and why not attracted towards skinny models which in the eyes of the female are just the perfect? Almost all of us are now aware of the fact and it’s no more a secret that a good population of men does actually love woman having some extra pounds in the body. You will get to see that men keeping their skinny girlfriend at the side actually enjoy flirting or spending time with curvy women. Are there some specific reasons which actually attract men towards curvy women? We were also bit crazy to know the reason and when we researched we came across some valid reasons for the same.Cuvry women

  1. Developed and big boobs: We cannot deny the fact that boobs are one of the key elements in the beauty of a woman. In general men are fond of a partner with bigger sized boobs. Women also undergo breast implantation when they feel that they are deprived of the right size. In general men are “boob” lovers and curvy women always have bigger boobs and that are naturally developed. So why will not men get attracted towards them? Even ladies take advantage of their precious possession to seduce men.
  2. Big sized butts: We in general have a miss conception that small but women are more attractive than the fat ones. In reality, the fact is surprisingly different. Bigger butt women attract men so much that they even feel to lay their skinny girlfriend just to be with the lady with big fat butts. For the skinny women this is a really bad news but for the fatty ones, it’s a sign of hope that they are precious enough to get the true love of a man in their life.
  3. Soft, pulpy and cute: A woman turns our curvy when she put on or naturally has some extra weight in the body. What makes them so desirable to men apart from the above 2 reasons? Curvy women are Soft, pulpy and cute. They give scope to men to feel even stronger they are in reality. The soft tender touch of the curvy woman makes them feel stronger and powerful in relation be it in public or even on the bed. The experience is highly satisfying for a man to play on the bed with a woman who is soft and round in place of a bonnie or skinny woman with sharp elbows.
  4. No to bruised thighs: Men actually don’t love to see bruised thighs after they sleep with a skinny girlfriend. Men bodies are equally sensitive like women and they love a soft tender woman on their body who leaves no sore or bruise. Who can be the best in this regard other than a curvy woman?
  5. Curvy women are real foodie: To maintain a slim figure most of the time we see that women go for diet food to maintain the figure. Their partners feel shy as men in general love food and feel shy to spend time with a woman who is just the opposite of him. In such cases, curvy women are a wonderful companion as they can accompany men even when sitting on both sides of the table.
  6. Curvy woman looks younger than their actual age: It is something which makes you feel weird. Well, the fact there is one justifiable reason behind this which we are sure you will agree upon with us. The sign of aging or wrinkles reflects too fast on the skinny woman. On the other hand the fat smooth skin of the curvy woman easily even out the wrinkles and look brighter and young than actual age. The round cheeks of curvy woman play a king size role in making her look younger.
  7. It’s a signal of fertility: Well this is completely a biological reason which provokes men to have a curvy girlfriend. Men do believe in the fact that wide hips along with large breasts are the sign of a great child bearer. So you will find many slim fit men are having either fatty woman as girlfriend or wife.
  8. Men get the chance to be little rough: A skinny girlfriend appears to be a delicate toy which may get hurt or broken if men turn but rough on the bed. The bed pleasure gets restricted because of such feeling. While on the other hand curvy girls can handle such roughness with absolute ease.
  9. Curvy women considered as a sign of classic beauty: Since the period of ancient Greece till the era of Renaissance, women having large, cellulite thighs and fleshy arms were marked as the true symbol of beauty. They were considered as a sign of beauty, health, and elegance.
  10. Skinny woman gives a childish feel while curvy one gives a tender caring feel: the Skinny woman gives a matured feel which is making sex with a boy. Curvy woman tender touch and caring feel remember men of motherly care.

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