Is BBW dating for Me?

BBW DatingBBW dating as an industry is booming because we’re all bigger (men and women) than our parents’ or grandparents’ generation.

BBW online dating is for anyone who loves Big Beautiful Women (or men), and is looking for love, both physically and emotionally.

And, according to the fashion industry, plus sizes start at size 14 in the US and Canada (size 16 in the UK).

The identity of the person who came up with this rule this will probably remain shrouded in mystery. For their own safety.

The average woman in the USA and Canada is a dress size 14 (size 16 in the UK).

Because you just know that the perpetrator will be a stick-thin fashion victim (in the “Sex and the City” style), who’s never eaten a cheeseburger in their lives, and who’d probably be able to out-run a baying crowd of outraged plus size shoppers.


But if we’re average, then we’re normal, and it’s the fashion designers and manufacturers who need to change their thinking. Pronto. You know there’s something hinkey about an industry that dreams up size zero in the first place.

BBW dating/plus size sites have just as schizoid an attitude as to what plus size means. Lots of female singles registering for plus size personals sites do fit into the BBW (big beautiful woman) label.

But “big” is in the eye of the beholder, and BBWs (Beautiful Big Women) can range in size from slightly plump, to the very large (who describe themselves as SSBBW (super sized big beautiful women).

If a size 14/16 is average, then half the female population could call themselves a BBW. And that’s not including the BHMs (big handsome men).

After spending all of their money on frocks, the girls were forced to move into a cardboard box.
But they LOOKED simply divine.

Add to that the indisputable fact that after age 40 the waistline tends to broaden a little. As well as, ahem, other body parts.
We won’t call it “middle aged spread” because we’re all going to live to be at least 150. Middle age won’t officially set in until we’re 75.
Most of the big online dating sites allow you to search by body size; you’re usually asked to describe yourself as athletic, normal, curvy, voluptuous, a few extra pounds, queen size, etc. Similarly, you’re asked to specify a body type in a preferred mate.

But, like the specialised senior dating sites, plus size personals (aka “fat dating”) sites allow you to join a group of people with similar profiles, who are looking for specific qualities in their partners (whether that be size or age).

Why Plus Size Dating Websites Are The Place To Go For Overweight People?

plus size datingThe world is full of lonely people who are looking for someone who truly can love and appreciate them. We all have needs that can only be filled by a significant other when it comes to finding contentment for our hearts. Many of us are healthy sized people who want to be loved for who we are. This has created the realm of plus size dating websites for us to find our perfect partner.

Matters of the heart should not be ignored or left to chance. Most of us do not have the opportunity to meet people on a regular basis. This limited access to like-minded people, who are also single, can leave us feeling as if the quest for love is a hopeless one. It is hard enough for “regular” sized people, doubly hard for plus size people. But do not hang your head or give up hope. You just need to find a better way to search for Mr. Or Miss right.
Plus Size Dating Websites to the Rescue

There is someone out there for all of us, and we just need to use the tools we have available to us to find that person. Finding and meeting people is not the same challenge as it used to be. We no longer have to go out and search the local area in hopes of getting fortunate and finding the ideal match for us in a chance encounter.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could meet people who not only do not mind dating a plus size person, but actually seek them out? Yes, there are men and women who just love big beautiful women and big handsome men.

There are good quality and reputable plus size dating websites that we can now use to help us find the person that is right for us. Finding the right person for you makes all the difference when it comes to your happiness.

And no, it is not about social networking. That is not dating. We are talking about real dating here. Social networking sites will often just lead you to heart break, as you will likely find people with the same old stereotypes. Plus size dating websites are real but specialized dating services.

Advantages of Plus Size Dating Websites

Specialty dating websites that take your needs and feelings seriously are the best route towards true love and lasting happiness. No matter what your body size, age, or race, you can find someone who loves you for who you are. You get two big advantages, one is camaraderie of like-minded and/or like-bodied people, and the other is people who actually want you as you are. A lifetime of joy and fulfillment could be waiting for you at this very moment, you just need to get online and get your search underway.

We all deserve to be loved and appreciated, and we all need to put in a little effort to reap the rewards that may last a lifetime. There is no reason to hesitate. For a small fee on one of the specialty plus size dating websites, we can get something with a value that money cannot buy. The only thing left for you to do is for you to find your confidence and get yourself back in the game. Love is waiting for us all so do not let it pass you by.

BBW Dating Sites?Yes, They Do Exist

fat women dating sitesReally, dating sites for fat women? You better believe it. bbw dating sites do exist. Not only that, they are very popular and vibrant. And no, they are not just frequented by fat guys.

The term BBW, is an acronym of Big Beautiful Woman. Both the acronym and its longer version are attributed to a magazine dedicated to plus size women. The terms are now terms of endearment and recognition that big women are beautiful.

Now big women and their admirers have found common “ground” where they can meet in comfort, thanks to BBW personals services.

You see, one of the biggest complaints for fat women – even more than others – is that they are unable to find dates. And if a fat woman is “lucky” enough to find a date, it is usually with either a loser or a user. This need not be. But we’ll come back to this in a little bit.

Unfortunately it is society that has created the problem. You see, dating a fat women attracts as much attention (and not the positive kind) as being fat. When a handsome man dating an big woman draws comments such as “what does he see in that?”

Yet there are many men who simply love them big. You know, soft bodies, big bosoms, big bottoms et al.

My friend Pete is one of them. Pete is six feet tall and handsome, and has no problem finding a date. In fact, dates seek him out. He has dated all kinds of women. But his love was, and is still for fat girls.

There are many Petes out there. big beautiful  women just need to meet them. Yes, fat women don’t have to love what they get, they can get what they love. No more dating losers and users. Someone there is out there, who drools at the thought of those curves and extra pounds.
So, where can the big beautiful woman go to meet admirers?

The answer is… fat women dating sites. This is where big women and their admirers converge, in a comfortable environment.

What is better than to know that every person in a certain dating site is either like you or looking for someone like you?

All you have to do now is to find the right person. Fat is beautiful, and someone wants you. And if you’re a man (or woman for that matter) looking for a beautiful big woman, you will find yourself in good company in BBW dating sites.

Where do big beautiful women and their admirers meet? Check out top rated sites for BBW dating now to find out.