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WooPlus has been around on the internet for a while and popular amongst singles who want to find their attractive plus size new friends for a relationship. WooPlus is a haven for men and women who are looking for fun and serious plus-size dating.

The officials design this app for creating a great environment for all folks who want to get socialized. WooPlus provides such a healthy environment for those who want to be away from the fat shaming. As we know, many prominent men and women do not have the right place in modern society. This app eliminates all of the hardships for them. If you are interested in BBW or BHM, you could install the WooPlus in your smartphone to find your new friends.

It is different from another dating app because it focuses on the plus size people and their admirers. The app has been receiving positive feedbacks from its users. Its gimmicks are “the most comfortable plus-size dating community.” It looks like all the users agree with that. So, let’s get more rooted in the review.

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There are two kinds of membership which grants you access to the WooPlus App: 1) free service, and 2) fee-based service. When you join as a free member, you can use the basic features with certain limitations. You can unlock all of the features after upgrading your membership.

The Premium costs:

  • 1 Month 14.99 USD / Month 14.99 USD
  • 3 Months 10.00 USD / Month 29.99 USD
  • 12 Months 5.00 USD / Month 59.99 USD

Unique Features

As mentioned the two types of membership dictates how you are going to use the website.

The differences between free and premium services

In the free service, you can send a message, search, upload photo, like and comment on the photo, edit profile, poke other people, etc. When you use premium service, you can use the advanced search feature, look at the most active people, know the person if they have read your message, unlimited matchmaking, and many more. With the premium membership, you can use the advanced features without any limitation.

Send tons of messages

As the premium members, the WooPlus does not limit how many messages you can send to other members. You can message anyone you like and reply to their messages without restriction as you found on free membership.

More matches on a daily basis

With the premium access, you will have more rounds of the card. That means you will have plenty of potential matches on a daily basis.

Use the search engine maximally

The advanced feature of search engine gives you ample searchability when looking for your potential matches. With the advanced search engine, you can locate the other ones based on their location, ethnicity, and many more.

Find out your admirers

You can find out who likes you by using the feature called “See Who Liked You.” you don’t have to browse around and waste your time looking for the potential matches because this feature already helps you with that. You can save some trouble and match faster with this feature.

Multiple swipes

You know the cons of using swipe dating service. Most of the problems you met are that you can’t go back and swipe again. But with WooPlus, you can make it happen. You rewind your pass card and go back to the earlier recommendations. This feature is handy if you missed some amazing people by accident, or you want to retrace your matches.

WooPlus Select

The premium membership reveals you to more advanced feature that you can enjoy. One of them is WooPlus Select. With this feature, you will be able to select among the most searched and most active people.

Moments tab activity

The good thing about WooPlus is that you can see how many people are online now. When looking at the “Moments,” you will be able to find your new friends quicker. With this feature, it allows the members to have an update about other people. The fantastic members will respond to your message quickly.

Message inbox

The woo plus app has its unique WooPlus Message Inbox. The people search is a free tool for every member. The only difference is that you can search for other people by location if your membership is premium. It is an essential perk because you can quickly locate your matches nearby your location.

The freedom to check other profiles

WooPlus has such a fantastic platform which allows you to check on other profiles without limitation. All the information that you can get is age, location, interests, and hobbies. As the free member, you can message a person as long as you have become their match. With the premium membership, you can do better than that. You can message them although you have no match with them. Contacting other members have never been easier than before. All you need to do is visit their profile and hit the message button just like you do in social media services.

Block other profile

If you don’t want to interact with some folks, you can block them. You can always block the profile that you think annoying. There is also a report button which you can use to report people who are abusive.

The WooPlus Chatroom

It is indeed more comfortable and quicker to interact with other members by using the chat room. WooPlus gives you the easiness. You can contact other people live as long as they are visible on the searches and match proposals. You can firstly use the functional search filters to find out the other members. The search filters will help you with their location. You can visit their profiles and start messaging them. You could also poke them first before joining into a chat room.


The other unique feature other than “poke” is the gifts. You could attain the gifts by using the free coins you grab after login. WooPlus offers different options of the gifts such as a slice of a cake, teddy bear, roses, and many more.


  • It is a real sanctuary for plus-size singles since the service will ban people who violate the rule
  • There are around 500,000 active members in the service on a daily basis. That means you will have a more significant chance to succeed.
  • The community is positive and not toxic. You can rest assured that everybody will welcome new members there.
  • Plenty of unique features to maximize your online dating results.


Sometimes the app is buggy. But it is a minor one and won’t interrupt your overall activity.


With such great features and positive community, you don’t need to hesitate to join with the WooPlus dating app. It has a large pool of members so that your opportunity will be much better if you join the service.

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