Benefits of Dating a Plus Size Girl

Dating a Plus Size GirlIf you are looking for a meaningful relationship, free from the traditional drama that people associate with dating, then dating a plus size girl might be the perfect solution.

So, what are the main benefits?

Plus size women are beautiful, voluptuous in ways that are traditionally seen in Victorian era paintings, Ancient Greek and Roman statues. These curves are naturally enticing to men, and they are equally beneficial when it comes to childbirth—if that is something of interest down the line.

When dating a plus size girl, you won’t worry about the same level of narcissism that smaller individuals have. You also won’t have to worry about battles with anorexia, fits of emotional outbursts brought about by hypoglycemic-type changes in blood sugar regularly associated with women who are perpetually “dieting” or starving themselves.

How to be the Perfect Date

Can a woman really feel secure and safe with a man that she knows she can manipulate into submission? If a woman can manipulate a man that makes him insecure and weak. And she feel safe that someone was insecure and weak could, in theory, stand up to other people and protect her?

Yes, women want a man who is kind and who will treat her well and respect her. Women want a man who is responsible and sensitive but they also want the man who can provide that security and safety. This is a primal need one which is biologically written into female DNA and cannot be reversed. You have to legitimately consider whether you have something tangible to offer women in the form of security and safety. If a woman cannot feel safe with you she will inevitably leave you.

This does not mean that as a nice guy you stand no chance. There’s no reason for you to change your nice guy attitude. However you can add to it by avoiding being seen as weak or indecisive. You have to bring some sort of tangible ability to demonstrate that you are a confident provider and protector.

For some women today that can simply mean that you don’t succumb to their manipulation or that you tell them know from time to time. For other women it might be simply taking a self-defense class or a first aid class so that they know should anything happen you would literally be able to administer the medical care they need or to at least protect them in the event of a fight. Now these are very Tangible examples of methods by which men can demonstrate their ability to protect and to offer security. There are also the intangible examples which refer specifically to what was mentioned above including the lack of succumbing to many relation tactics and being willing to upset a woman.

Instant Icebreakers

Even if you have a date lined up you still need an icebreaker. This is especially true for the first date. A first date can be awkward and the conversation might be a little bit uncomfortable. There are some cases where you find out on the first date that you don’t really have a connection with your date but there are other cases were just having a good icebreaker can make all the difference.

1) Ask about where she grew up

It might seem like a cliché question to ask where she came from, but it’s one that leads to an understanding about not only where she grew up but her family and her background. This is a fairly easy icebreaker and one that allows her to open up about the things she really liked growing up where she did or thing she didn’t like. This gives you the chance to share a bit with her about your childhood compared her childhood. If she grew up in a different town from where you met her this is a wonderful opportunity to discuss what brought her from her hometown to her current location.

2) Ask about her high school years.

Not only as an icebreaker but it’s usually very humorous one. You can ask your day about what she was like in high school. Many people were completely different individuals when they were in high school compared to the mature adult that they are now. You might find out some interesting facts about her by asking what groups she was in or what sport she did. You may find out that she was the prom queen or that she was a big nerd or even an athletic star.

3) Asked if she has travel and if so where she is traveled to

Asking about travel is a wonderful icebreaker because you can figure out which countries she is visited or how far she’s traveled from her hometown. Travel is usually a very positive topic, something which people love to share. The reason people enjoy sharing about where they traveled is because it is not necessarily eight personal question such as asking about hometown but it is one where they get the chance to share different cultures and atmospheres that they engaged in and usually travel brings with it positive memories and that positivity will translate into a positive conversation. Even if you haven’t traveled or your date hasn’t traveled you could discuss places that you wish to travel.

4) Ask where your date wants to travel one day.

Asking really want to travel will give you some insight into what interest they have. Ask them what attracts them to the place they want to travel or what they find interesting about it. This can give you some idea of what lifestyle they might want in the future. If they are continually attracted to fast-paced cities that might be the lifestyle they want in the future but if they are always attracted to relaxing countryside that might be what they prefer instead.

5) Ask about your dates dreams, interest, or hobbies.

This may seem, yet again a very rudimentary, run of the mill type of question but it is still one that allows you to understand a great deal about the person sitting across from you. If your date tells you that one of their hobbies is painting ask how long it’s been a hobby of theirs, or when they realized that they had an interest in painting. Showing interest in these things can demonstrate to your date that you are a possible candidate for a relationship which is a wonderful way to demonstrate that you not only have good listening skills but that you are a confident perspective man.