Why Curvy Girls Make The Best Partner

Most people in modern society think that a girl who is stick thin is beautiful, but we think differently. To us, the best partners are almost certainly curvy girls, who can offer their partners with so many benefits when compared to their skinny peers.

Curvy girls are not only more fun to be around, but they are also far better partners in bed. But what makes curvy girls so much better partners to be around?

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Why Curvy Girls Are Better Partners In Bed

Curvy girls offer a far more exhilarating experience in bed than a skinny girl could even possibly hope to emulate. But what makes curvy girls so much better in bed?


There can be no doubting that a curvy woman will have far more ‘cushioning’, as it were, than a skinny girl. While this might seem somewhat irrelevant during sex, there are actually a number of reasons why this is not the case. Indeed, cushioning can actually help to hugely improve sexual relations between you and your partner.

There are a number of different sexual positions, but when a man is hooking up with a skinny girl, he might find his pelvis getting somewhat sore. By contrast, a chubby chick has more padding around her thighs and her stomach, helping to make the impact less severe and allowing her partner to put his all into thrusting instead of holding back for fear of slamming himself into his partner’s bony thighs or pelvis!

Plus, all men love a little bit of wobbling, jiggling skin. Certain sexual positions can make the skin ripple more than others, and so a chubby woman can offer a far more exhilarating and exciting experience for her partner! From bigger boobs to plenty of extra skin for a man to cling on to (men love having something to fondle and caress during sex), there really is no way in which a skinny girl can compare!

In addition to this, curvy girls make far better partners after the sex is over. Chubby women who are comfortable in their own beautiful bodies are generally cuddlier and more attentive to their partner, which makes them the perfect post-sex partner! After all, even once all is said and done, everyone loves the chance to get a little more physical contact with their partner. Plus, curvy girls who have confidence are generally more energized after sex than skinny girls, who might be tired out, and this means that a chubby partner is great for a laugh afterward!


Many curvy girls are not confident, but research has shown that you really ought to be! Not only are men naturally more attracted to you from an evolutionary perspective, but the enhanced sexual positions can mean that you have absolutely no need to worry. But why is confidence so important?

Simply put, a curvy woman with confidence is so incredibly alluring for a man. Men go wild for a confident, chubby partner who can look after them as they need.

In addition to this, there is also the aspect of the man’s confidence to consider. Skinny girls who spend hours in the gym every day are more likely to be judgemental of their partner, and this can mean that the man might feel incredibly self conscious and nervous prior to and during sex. However, curvy girls almost always couldn’t care less what you look like; a curvy girl is, most of the time, far less judgemental than her skinny peers, allowing a partner less time having to worry about their own personal appearance and assets and more time just enjoying the experience! No one wants to be worried during sex, so if you’re looking for a new partner, just remember that a curvy girl will leave you feeling so much better than a skinny girl might.

It’s Nature!

In nature, a woman who is slightly more curvy is far more attractive to a man. From an evolutionary perspective, a woman who is carrying a little more weight is a far superior mate, as she has the energy to mate and then carry her partner’s child; a skinny woman is not in prime health for breeding, and so this makes them naturally less attractive to a man than someone who is chubby.

While this may not be the most romantic point, the fact of the matter is that men are hardwired to be attracted to heavier females! And, after all, if a man is more aroused and attracted to a curvy woman then he will find it much easier to get and maintain an erection, drawing out the sexual satisfaction and pleasure for both parties! It’s a win-win, right?

There is, of course, the fact that a curvy girl will make a far better partner when it comes to dating someone seriously and considering starting a family. If having your own family is the sort of future that you dream of with your new partner, choose a curvier girl over a skinny one; curvy girls are more fertile, generally speaking, as their bodies are better equipped to carry and have a child. This will help them to get pregnant faster and have a more healthy and successful pregnancy than someone who is barely managing to maintain their own weight as it is.

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